Desktop Notifier in Python

Desktop Notifier in Python

Hello Friends In this blog post, we can study “Desktop Notifier in Python”.

In this project, we can set a reminder as per our requirements.

Source Code:

import win10toast
import time

def notify():
    hours = int(input("At how many hours do you want to delay this(In a 24 hour clock): ")) * 3600
    minutes = int(input("For how many minutes do you want do delay it for: ")) * 60
    sec = int(input("For how many seconds do you wnat it to: "))

    reminder = "Reminder App"
    context = input("What is your text: ")
    durat = int(input("What is the duration of your notification: "))

    toaster = win10toast.ToastNotifier()
    total = hours + minutes + sec

    toaster.show_toast(reminder, context, duration=durat)



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