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“Fiverr” it’s an online marketplace for freelancers. I suppose you will be a newbie on Fiverr or optimistic enough to become a professional one, then you must know some specific guidelines and the features that are very important for the competitive market like Fiverr.

I can assure you that Fiverr is unique in its own style and differs from many other freelancing platforms. However, we cannot say fiver is all in one. Like other sectors, it has some pros and cons.

Fiverr, is not an impossible platform for anyone to get desired work from anywhere. Rather, if you have been a better skill in any other field whether it can be a technical field or nontechnical field then Fiverr is definitely a great platform to make some additional income.

The innovative idea of Fiverr is making a proper “gig”. It’s like a signboard of a departmental store. The first and foremost thing is to attract a buyer. The gig fights for that. Besides, Fiverr will send you a buyer that may even give you a paid job to get it done or give you a job to check your skills where unfortunately you have to do it for free.

Getting paid clients is a daunting and haunting task that can frustrate you but a good part of this is, if the buyer gets satisfied then he can give any amount of tips to encourage you for your next job. The most prominent part is, it’s the buyer who will search you, send you offers where you can get your job description and the payment amount.

If your skills match with the job, a charming proposal may help you to get the job. You do not need to rush anywhere except keeping in your shop open. It’s the buyer who will buy a product from your shop repeatedly once he is satisfied with your quality product.

One major inspiring thing in fiver is the payment system which starts from $5 whatever the work is. In the case of another market place, there is a bargaining system where the rate can be below $5.

However, nothing is perfect in this universe. I have an epiphany about fiber, you have to wait for long, the only God knows how long. Sometimes sending hundreds of proposals, you may not get any work.

You get 10 chances per day to send offers whereas someday you may not even get the chance of spending one offer, that’s the harsh reality. Moreover, in case of getting hired or offered, you need a high experience which helps you get to stand on the first page of the platforms.

The complicacy stands in front of you when, as a newbie, you don’t get a chance to get hired, you are not getting any rating and review. Thus you become a newbie forever. At the same time, the cut 20% of the payment which is way high compared to another market place.

Therefore, everything has merits and demerits. Endurance, patience, and strategic steps are the key rules that can make your life better not only in Fiverr but also in any platform.

On the other hand, Fiverr would have been better if it puts an algorithm in the platform to manage work for every newbie and the deduction system should be reduced to 5-10%. At last, I must say, Fiverr is a great platform for anyone to make an extra income.


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