How to Start a Blog : 

Step by Step Guide-

1. Select a Niche for Your Blog –  To find out the perfect Niche for your blog firstly you would find out in which subject you are most passionate. Research markets and then choose Niche. Make sure it is profitable.

2. Choose a Blogging platform – Are you looking to start your blog then 2nd step is to choose the best platform for your is the best platform to start your blog.

3. Pick a domain name – The third step is to choose a domain name. choose a domain like it is easy to type and short.use keywords to choose a domain like it is understandable to the audience and it is related to your blog.

4. Get a Web Hosting Account – Web hosting means in which they provide a place where we can place our website. Godaddy is a Famous Hosting provider.

5. Starting a Blog on WordPress – when you buy a domain and hosting then they will give us a c panel id and password login c panel and install WordPress after that login in  WordPress change your DNS.

6. Select a WordPress theme to design your blog  –   when you enter in WordPress then in have a lot of themes we have to install theme we can customize theme also.

7. Write content and promote your Blog – when all are ready to start a blog the most valuable thing is content .how we write content .how it will be helpful to the audience is very important. Content must be understandable to audiences. Let your friends know about your blog.submit your blog for promotion to Search Engine.

8. How to Make Money From Blogging –  if you want to make money through blogging then firstly you want to introduce your blog to others got more traffic on your blog . after that Running ads on your Blog.