What is Java Programming Language?

What is Java Programming Language?

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What is Java Programming Language?

What is Java Programming Language?

‘ JAVA the language of possibilities ’

A high level and general-purpose programming language.

It is one of the portable languages with most features like platform independence, which means you need only write the code once it can be run on any platform that is work on the principle ‘Write Once, Run Anywhere(WORA)’.

Java has many features like, it is robust, portable, and dynamic, with the ability to fit the needs of virtually any type of application.

If we see the syntax of java it is much similar to C and C++, but it has fewer low-level facilities than either of them.

Java is also an object-oriented programming language.

As of 2019, according to Github java was one of the most popular programming languages like python.

Especially for client-serverweb applications, with a related 9 million developers.

Rise of Java

Java was basically developed by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems and it came in use in 1995 as a core component of Sun Microsystems’ Java platform.

Since January 27, 2010, Oracle is the owner of the official implementation of the Java SE platform and following its acquisition of Sun Microsystems.

They also have their own things like the JavaFX trademark.

Java’s SE specification is established through the JCP as individual JSRs. The specifications are not owned by Oracle.

Versions of java since 1995:

 Year Version
1995 DK Beta
January 1996 JDK 1.0
February 1997 JDK 1.1
December 1998 J2SE 1.2
May 2000 J2SE 1.3
February 2002 J2SE 1.4
September 2004 J2SE 5.0
December 2006 JAVA SE 6
July 2011 JAVA SE 7
March 2014 JAVA SE 8(LTS)
September 2017 JAVA SE 9
March 2018 JAVA SE 10
September 2018 JAVA SE 11(LTS)
March 2019 JAVA SE 12
September 2019 JAVA SE 13
March 2020 JAVA SE 14

Oracle is going to launch the following JAVA SE:

Date Version
September JAVA SE 15
March 2021 JAVA SE 16
September 2021 JAVA SE 17(LTS)

*LTS- Long Time Support

Qualities of JAVA Programming:

Java is known as one of the powerful programming languages with the best properties like portable and secure.

But because of the following buzzwords, it becomes stronger which is discussed below.


Like C++ java is also the oop(object-oriented programming) language.

But it java don’t support oop features like operator overloading. So, it is said that java is not a pure object-oriented programming language.


As java inherits many properties of C and C++, so anyone can learn it with little programming experience.

And java has removed the confusing concepts like explicit pointer and operator overloading.


During the execution of the program, it did not instruct the command to the machine directly.

Instead, JVM(Java Virtual Machine ) reads the Byte code(program) and convert it into machine code.

In this way, JVM doesn’t allow any program to illegal access the system.

The execution of programming by JVM makes java program fully secured under the surveillance of JVM.

4.Platform Independent:

As the above-discussed java works on the principle of Write Once, Run Anywhere(WORA), means you can write the java code on any platform e.g.Windows, Linux, OS, etc but you can run that any of this platform.

This makes the job of the developer easier.


The word robust means strong, java is robust because of its features like

  • Platform Independent
  • Object-Oriented Programing Language
  • Memory Management
  • Exception Handling


Java becomes portable because of its property platform independence and it is not dependent on underlying hardware or operating systems.

7.Architecture Neutral:

During the days when java was developing, there is a need for such a language with which a program can be developed and executed in the future anytime.

With the change in the hardware, operating systems, processors there is a need for such a program that can adopt these changes.

And java only requires the JVM for execution and independent of architecture which full fill the architecture-neutral.


Java programs can access runtime libraries. So, various information inside the compiled code(byte code).

This makes Java a dynamic programming language.

9. Interpreted:

Java code is compiled code and not a machine code but it is a Bytecode(intermediate code).

Which can be executed on any machine that is JVM. JVM interprets the Bytecode into machine code(instruction)during runtime.

10.High Performance:

This property is due to the intelligence of the JVM.

JVM is developed to interpret only the piece of program and which is required and the rest of the code is untouched.

Means JVM doesn’t interpret the whole program into machine instruction when executed.


A multithreading programming language that performs two or more processes concurrently(simultaneously) for maximum utilization of CPU.

Each part of the program is the thread.

12. Distributed:

Java has the property RMI(Remote Method Invocation). Which means invoking the method of another class across the network.

Scope of java in the future:

In the coming era, there is much more scope in java in India and abroad.

But only knowing the core java is not sufficient to be the professional in java you should know about Android studio, Android development.

For getting a job you should know how to work on different frameworks like hibernating, JSP (Java Server Pages), Servlets, Web Frameworks like Spring MVC, Hibernate, and GWT, AWS EC2 Server.

Companies Using Java:

As java is a language with wast features so it is preferred by many multinational companies such as Amazon, Google, Accenture,eBay, many others.


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