What is javascript

What is javascript

What is javascript

Javascript is a scripting language and it is used on both client-side and server-side for making web pages interactive.

It is a text-based language. Open and cross-platform

This is used to create and control dynamic website content like anything that moves refreshes.

Javascript firstly created for making web pages alive.

If we want to build a javascript program then you must know basic languages such as HTML and CSS.

It is an object-oriented programming language with object-oriented capabilities.

Javascript language is integrated with java and HTML language. So, it is very easy to implement.

The HTML and CSS language can be used to structure web pages and style web pages otherwise javascript language can be used to making web pages interactive that can engage users.

In today’s date, javascript is not only run in a web browser it can run on the server also.

Why it is called JavaScript?

When the javascript language created that time it gives a “LiveScript” name.

That time java is the most popular language, So they can decide that positioning javascript as a “younger brother” of java.

Uses of javascript

1)Adding interactive behavior to web pages

  • Displaying animation
  • Drop-down hamburger menu
  • Audio and video on the web page
  • Zoom in and zoom out of the image

2)Creating web and mobile apps

The Developer has a lot of options to choose a framework for developing web and mobile apps.

The popular framework of javascript for developing front-end is to React, React-Native, Angular.

3)Build web server and server application

The developers may use javascript for building web server and server applications.

4)Game development

The best use of javascript is to game development and that is browser game.

Uses of javascript over the other programming languages

  • It is the most popular language
  • A low threshold to get started
  • Fun language to learn
  • It is native to the web browser
  • Great debugging tools for learning

Why learn Javascript

Javascript is very important for students and working professionals for becoming a software engineer.

Javascript is the most popular language as compared to other languages, So it is a great choice of programmers for making front-end as well as back-end software using javascript framework like jQuery, Node.JS, etc.

We can install javascript on every modern web browser, so we don’t need any special environment setup for learning javascript like chrome, safari, Mozilla Firefox, etc.

It can help you for creating beautiful and crazy fast websites, So it is very user friendly also.

Now, time javascript is extended for mobile app development, game development, and desktop app development.

It has tons of libraries and frameworks, So it can save you time.

Due to high demand and use in many places and the most popular language, So there is high job growth and the highest salary.

Hello world  Program Using Javascript



<script language = “javascript” type = “text/javascript”>


document.write(“Hello World!”)





Useful libraries and frameworks available:

  • Angular
  • React
  • jQuery
  • Vue.js
  • Ext.js
  • Ember.js
  • Meteor
  • Mithril
  • Node.js
  • Polymer
  • Aurelia
  • Backbone.js

In javascript, there are a lot of libraries and frameworks, So it is really impossible to give a complete list.

How to add Javascript code to the website?

For adding javascript code we need to use <script> tag and we can embed it with HTML code

<script type=”text/javascript”>

Javascript code


Application of Javascript Programming

  • Client-side validation
  • Manipulating HTML Pages
  • User Notification
  • Back-end Data Loading
  • Presentation
  • Server Application

Advantages of JavaScript

  • Speed – The client-side javascript is very fast because it can immediately run on the client-side browser.
  • Simple to learn and implement, So that’s the reason it is very popular.
  • It can be used everywhere on the web.
  • Javascript has the ability to rich interfaces.
  • Client-side can reduce the demand on the website server.

Disadvantages of JavaScript:

  • The code can run on the user’s computer, So in some cases, there are chances of exploited for malicious purposes.
  • Sometimes javascript is interpreted differently by different browsers.


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